a tool to easily analyse your business budgets and ‘what if’ scenarios

A fresh approach for business budgeting software. From managing your everyday business budgets to determining the viability of introducing a new product, service, staff member or piece of equipment, what if budget™ does it all.

analyses costs and time

what if budget™ takes your current costs and time capacity, then assists you in making informed decisions. This is because it shows you what areas of your business are performing well and areas that need work. Allowing you to easily assess options for the future direction of your business.

Time is often a factor overlooked by business owners.  The difference between what if budget™ and alternatives on the market is the time focus factor of the budgets.

easy to use

what if budget™ is simple to use and setup. In fact, you can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes. Key in your data or easily import it from your current accounting system (MYOB, Zero, QuickBooks).

Once you have your data in what if budget™ you can make new budget scenarios in minutes, allowing you to make those important decisions and get back to what’s import to you.

benefits of using what if budget™

  • save time, not needing to figure out complex calculations in spreadsheets
  • look at your business from many different points of view
  • know if that new piece of equipment will pay for itself & make a profit
  • quickly see which products / services are profitable and which are not
  • develop and introduce new products / services, knowing they are going to be profitable
  • know your per hour costs and profit
  • see where and how your time resources are used
  • work in your local tax system (it covers most countries USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand using either wholesale, sales tax, GST & VAT)
  • see that size does not matter, what if budget™ will work for any business, large or small, whether you’re in retail,  services, manufacturing, mining, transportation, agriculture or whatever
  • be able to share your budgets with your accountant in real time, allowing you to discuss your budget scenarios over the phone without the need to go their office
  • take advantage of “the Cloud”, use what if budget™ on your PC, Apple Mac, Tablet anywhere, anytime

…and much more!

Let what if budget™ help you…

  • make better, more informed decisions in less time
  • make as many new budget scenarios as you like, when you need them – in minutes
  • know what’s working and what’s not
  • better focus your time resources
  • find where the profit is and focus on it

what if budget™ just makes sense…

  • no more trying to workout complicated spreadsheet calculations
  • no longer trying to calculate for time
  • removes the guess work
  • less stress, knowing your numbers

When it comes to your budgeting, let what if budget™ do the heavy lifting for you.

informed knowledge is power

introducing what if budget™

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