A budgeting & forecasting tool like no other

We all know that accurate budgeting helps to ensure you make informed decisions on your business’ future. Did you know however, that most budgeting software fails to take into account the essential element of time?

what if budgetTM is unique, it allows you to include ALL of the most important factors in your decision-making process, and to run unlimited “what if” scenarios that you can really trust…

why is what if budget™ better?

To explain why, here is a simple example of the power of what if budgetTM

Imagine you have a popular coffee shop, every day you see customers leaving without a coffee because the queue is too long.

You wonder if adding a new coffee machine would allow more sales. They cost $15k, how can you be sure you can afford it? What would it take to make a profit?

Having what if budgetTM, you know you can find the answer in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of your coffee.

Knowing it takes 2.5 minutes to make and sell a coffee. what if budgetTM shows that you need to sell 40 cups to break-even on the costs of the new coffee machine.

40 extra cups of coffee sounds doable, it’s not much. But, there’s no point putting in a new coffee machine and just breaking even – there needs to be a profit.

what if budgetTM has an awesome, unique feature called sales ratios, this analyses sales figures and shows the relationship between sales of one product compared to all the rest.  It would show you, that for each coffee sale, you generate x number of sales in other items (cake, sandwiches etc.) Using the sales ratio feature you can add sales to budgets, even changing the number of one item, it automatically adjusts the quantity of other items keeping the ratios the same.  Adding extra sales in your budget, using the sales ratio figures, changes your scenario and now shows you make a profit.

But the unique time aspect of what if budgetTM shows you don’t have enough staff to physically make that number of sales.

So, even though your sales forecast shows you will make money, it also shows you’ll need to add an extra staff member (so an extra expense) for you to achieve your sales targets.

Running a new scenario, including the extra sales person, in a matter of minutes, shows your profit increases from 2% to 9.8%, or an extra $31,500 – definitely an investment worth making!

And you were able to evaluate all this BEFORE you spent your hard earned cash on an extra coffee machine.

Not all budgeting tools are alike. The differences between them may make all the difference to your next business investment being a roaring success.

what if budgetTM is the best budgeting + forecasting software tool for those that are serious about getting it right.

Looking at the cost of running your business, combined with the cost AND time involved to make your sales, shows your capacity, in terms of $ profit and number of man hours.

Step 1

Start a budget & set a target profit

Step 2

Add your expenses, products & services

Step 3

Add your time resources

Step 4

Add your estimated sales

Step 5

Duplicate budgets, make changes, compare & analyse to see which scenario works best

Now You Know What’s Profitable & What’s Not

Because you followed these steps you will know…

  • if your products/services are profitable
  • the minimum selling price each product/service needs to be profitable
  • the suggested selling price for each product/service to meet your target profit
  • how each product/service contributes & compares with each other
  • the break-even point in volume sales for each product/service
  • how many of a product/service you need to sell to be profitable
  • how much time you need
  • how much more profit can be made from the time available
  • how many staff & how much of each skill is required
  • what it costs per hour to run your business
  • how much in sales per hour do you do
  • your hourly profit

Unlimited budget scenarios, allowing comparison & analysis to see what works best.

Other benefits…

  • available online, for all platforms
  • easy to use – works for any industry
  • data connections to MYOB, Reckon, Saasu and Xero
  • simple to setup – takes minutes
  • shows break-even points
  • no more spreadsheets, no more guesswork
  • set a target profit, it shows you how to get there

For owner/managers who love to ponder ‘what if?’. This powerful app dives into any possible scenario in minutes. So you can easily model financial changes and their potential impact.

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