about what if budget™

how would you work it out, would you use pen & paper or spend hours over a spreadsheet

what if budget™

… was conceived and designed by a group of dedicated individuals; programers, business people and accountants.  The desire was to create a product that was intuitive, easy to use, yet highly effective and relevant, aimed at helping you achieve your goals and financial success.

It’s a tool that allows you to easily analyse budgets and ‘what if’ scenarios in your business.

what if budget™ analyses your everyday budget and assists you to determine the viability of introducing a new product, service, staff member or piece of equipment.

Time is often a factor overlooked by business owners.

A unique aspect of what if budget™ is the time focus factor of the budgets. It uses both your current costs and time capacity for its calculations. This gives you greater insight to your business and allows you to make more informed decisions as to what areas of your business are performing well and what areas need work.

When you create what if scenarios, what if budget™ shows you what your breakeven point is, it shows you what sales you need to cover your expenses.

what if budget™ allows you to easily assess options for the future direction of your business.