Saasu allows users to access to their datafile from another application via an API (Application Programming Interface). This basically means that what if budget™ can access the features of Saasu to extract specific requested data.

You can use the API to bring across your expenses. At this stage it doesn’t bring across the actual $ value,  you need to manually enter the $ value. It’s an easy process though, we’ll tell you how shortly.

get info to create the link

To create the secure API link you’ll need two pieces of linking information…

API Web Services Access Key

To find the linking information…

Click on the settings button on the menu bar.

Choose settings > your files > settings (for this file)

Click on the API / Web services tab

You will then see the file ID and the web services access key

put linking information into what if budget™

Now you have the linking information, you need to put it in what if budget™ to create the link.

Make sure you are in the budgets section.

Choose main menu > import data

Choose link to accounting system > Saasu

Enter your Web Services Access Key and your File ID. It’s easiest to copy and paste the information from Saasu to what if budget™.

Choose either report type > expenses or report type > products/services

Click on get data

When you import your expenses, a new budget is created with the expenses attached. Your new budget will be called “From Saasu – date and time”, reflecting the date and time you did the import.

The data extracted from Saasu is not live, in that when you make changes in Saasu, it does not then automatically update into what if budget.

Now that you have the file ID and the web services access key in what if budget, they will be stored there, so you won’t need to enter them again.

Each time you get expense data, a new budget will be created.
Each time you get products/services data, any new products added in Saasu will add into what if budget™, any items that have pricing changed will update in what if budget. Be careful though, if you change product/service information in what if budget™, those changes will be lost if you again import products/services into what if budget.

enter $ value into expenses

When you bring across your expenses into what if budget™ there are no $ values. It’s easy to get this information. Just run a profit and loss report for the timeframe you want. You could run the report for a whole year and enter the yearly $ values or you could just run it for a typical month and enter the monthly $ values.

Make sure you are in the right budget, then go to the expenses section.

Double click an expense

Enter the $ value into the field on the right – you may be entering a yearly figure or a quarterly or monthly figure. Make sure you take care to determine if the values you’re entering are ex tax or inc tax. If you enter a yearly figure, you’ll note all the other details complete automatically.

For more information on Saasu accounting software, click here.