terms & conditions

what if budget™ and its team provides the what if budget™ software and cloud services under the following terms & conditions…

Important… Please note that what if budget™ is under it final BETA before its general release.

what if budget™ provides its software on as is basis. We do not accept, or take any responsibility for, how it is used nor the information that it provides and the decisions you or your users make form its use.

The team at what if budget™ has; and will continue to, in its development and testing, make every effort to provide the software in a manor that is fit for commercial use.

As what if budget™ is cloud based, use of it requires it to run in browser software like, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox & others. It is posable that the browser being used can cause inaccuracies in the data.

what if budget™ provides, in the case that you do find a bug or discrepancy in the data, a system within what if budget™ to report or submit it.

what if budget™ and its team are not providing accounting and or financial advice. It is strongly recommend that all users of what if budget™ seek professional accounting and financial advice about the data what if budget™ provides.